Fame Hungry was created by two twenty-something professionals who realised that life was more enjoyable cooking for their imaginary celebrity friends.

Annelie is a self-proclaimed grammar nerd and culinary goddess. Actually, most of her cooking endeavours taste like total shit but she does make a mean sausage casserole. She is an enthusiastic collector of kitchen gadgets and sweatpants. Her free pass would be James Dyson or Richard Branson because, space travel.

In her spare time she works towards launching the career of her dog Nigella, who she believes is destined for fame as a celebrity lookalike. She will ensure this happens with her Frank Underwood-esque focus.

She also has lusciously thick hair, which is completely irrelevant but enviable.

Ben has long been a fan of inappropriate puns and baking for this inner fat kid. An aficionado of all things celebrity, he can tell you any factoid you have never wanted to know. Did you know Paul Newman gave Jake Gyllenhaal his first driving lesson? He does.

While he is a public servant, he longs to be taken seriously as a writer also … or at the very least, be paid as one.

He also longs to be adored after a brief stint as an internet celebrity in November 2013.



As you can probably tell, we are very social but the fun isn’t only limited to celebrities! You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.

Friendster, FriendFace, Myspace and YouFace coming soon.

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