We are so busy between visiting our friends, being Hollywood heavyweights, jetting off to Lake Como for a weekend of egging Clooney, dancing the night away at Studio 54 etc. that it is often hard for you to reach us.

And we know you want to reach us.

You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or swing Google a bone and help them (finally) make Google+ a thing (even though we all know it is fetch and it is never going to happen).

We also tumble, but don’t understand it or know if that is the act of using tumblr. We need to get a young assistant and then have them explain it to us.

Then you can catch us on Pinterest where Ben posts about Skarsy being sexy and the hairstyles he would like if he didn’t look like Guy Smiley/Ray Martin and Annelie posts cat pictures. Which obviously is the sole purpose of Pinterest.

And you just know we are on the reigning champ of social media, Kelsey’s Insta-Grammer, where we post pictures of our glorious life so you can feel envious.

Oh, and then there is email. We love to receive emails, particularly if they are of the fan variety, so email us at: FameHungryBlog (at) gmail (dot) com

Apparently that is how you have to write it to ward off spambots and dementors, but we also just think it looks cool.

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