USA is A OK! (aka Americana Week)

Americana Week, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

With Friday’s SCOTUS ruling, we are feeling excited and loving all things equality … and if there is something we place as equal value on in as our extensive list of celebrity friends, it is the culinary joy that is Americana food.

I mean, literally cover us in rib sauce and buffalo wings in a bath of mac and cheese and we would be at our happiest.

We are heading over to the good ole U S of A at the request of our dear friend and POTUS, Barack, to oversee some official (and sadly private) cook-out duties at the White House for the 4th of July weekend.

While we can’t take you behind the scenes of that catch-up (he is POTUS guys, don’t be greedy) we thought we would drop in on five of our friends and help them celebrate their independence days.

What can we make that can live up to the movie (and its future sequel starring our dear friend Karl)?

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Picture source: New Line Cinema/Buzzfeed.

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