There is no secret, I am (wanting to be Nathan’s South) Africa(n flag speedo)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Survivor South Africa, Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets

As you know, Nico Panagio called me in a panic a month ago to see if I’d be interested in cooking for their kicked-off castaways. While I was hesitant when Nico first asked if I would be interested, he showed me the cast photos and their approved wardrobe and I was on the next flight.

Which was awks, since the game didn’t start filming for a month.

But boy did I use my time wisely – when I wasn’t fantasising about time in Pounderosa with Nathan/Dante/Cobus – coming up with a special menu to make them all feel at home whilst working past their crushing defeats.

Or inspired win.

Who will be joining me first?

Image source: M-Net.


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