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Previously on Survivor the Yase tribe were struggling to comprehend their terrible run in the challenges until Queen Tiffany turned things around and became a beast in the immunity challenge, saving her tribe from another tribal council. While Brad managed to jag himself an extra vote and found the three-way idol, he and Xander were still looking for a third and as such, he lost his vote AND the right to play any advantages. Which sadly was enough for Ricard, Shan and JD to join together and blindside him from the game.

Back at camp Genie was annoyed to be left out of the blindside, though given she tripped on her way back to camp she probably was frustrated by that too. She cussed them out, explaining that she is frustrated to be the one that looks after everyone but they don’t even respect her enough to tell her. Shan then dropped the bomb that Brad wasn’t as close to Genie as she thought, given he only told her about both of his advantages and as such, she should kinda be grateful. Essentially. This in turn annoyed JD who was frustrated that Shan made such a big deal about him keeping his extra vote a secret from her when she was keeping her own secrets from him.

And ugh, this is the kind of messy that I love.

The next day the tribes met up with Jiffy Pop for the first reward challenge of the season where they would have to toss a ball into a track and race to the end to collect it. Once they all have their balls, they need to dig under a log and race to the end where they must each land their balls in a trough. First two tribes to win snagging themselves a visit from a Fijian survival expert for first place and a single fish for second. Despite their reputation as the weakest tribe, Yase got out to an early lead as Ua nipped at their heels while Heather kept Luvu firmly in last place. Ua took the lead when it came to landing their balls while Tiffany was once again the star performer of Yase as the two tribes snagged their rewards, putting Heather out of her misery.

She immediately started to sob over letting her team down which honestly was heartbreaking to watch, until her fellow castaways cheered her on for giving her best and not giving up.

Back at camp Yase recapped their shitty run thus far in the season and how this core four has really come together to succeed, with queen Tiffany rightly talking about how she is really killing the challenges now. But before we could even dig into that, Tiffany discovered a bunch of baby turtles hatching and oh my goodness, they are so damn cute!

Over at Ua their survival expert was climbing up a palm tree and literally doing tricks and ugh, I love him! He gave them recipes, tips, taught them how to catch and prepare fish and seemingly made everyone come together in harmony. Wait, no – Ricard felt he had learnt enough survival skills now and as such, was happy to get rid of Genie ASAP.

To which I say, no. Nope. Not on my watch, Ricard.

Meanwhile over at Luvu Erika and Deshawn were praising each other’s game while Sydney and Danny were fishing around them and Heather was processing their loss back at camp. Erika shared that she is more than ready to get rid of someone, feeling anxious to finally play the game and get a damn torch. After returning to shore, Sydney tried to make fire and flipped out upon failing. And with that, she realised that they should get rid of Sydney given she is so volatile. Sadly for Erika, Deshawn took this information directly to Sydney and as such, the duo decided that they need to get rid of Erika when the time comes. The duo then roped in Danny with Deshawn suggesting that they should throw the upcoming challenge to deal with her ASAP, though given Danny is a professional athlete, he wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to do it.

Speaking of the immunity challenge, the tribes reconvened where they learnt they would race through the water collecting bags of logs which they would use to release a key which in turn would release three rings which they must land on a post. Ua got out to the earliest lead while Luvu nipped at their heels before snapping it despite Deshawn desperately trying to throw the challenge. As Evvie feverishly swam in the wrong direction for Yase. Naseer single handedly kept the tribe in front as Yase slowly caught up to Ua. As Deshawn threw the rings as far away from the posts as possible, Tiffany and JD quickly landed their first rings. Liana gave Yase the lead before Naseer started tossing for Luvu and landed two rings. Ultimately Yase were first to snag immunity before Naseer finally landed his third ring and sent Ua back to tribal council.

Back at camp Genie pulled JD aside to try and form a duo against the other two, with Genie telling him that she plans to roll her shot in the dark die. JD agreed that he feels on the outs but shared that he desperately didn’t want to roll his dice yet, in the hope of convincing her to do the same. JD then caught up with Ricard and filled him in on the plans, assuring him that he will not turn on him. Meanwhile Shan and Genie were catching up, with the former assuring her that the plan is to get rid of JD and as such, she doesn’t need to worry about playing her dice. Shan and Ricard then caught up, deciding that Shan should try and convince JD to hand over the extra vote again and neutralise the threat so that they can make a clear decision.

With that Shan got to work playing JD, talking about how paranoid she is about his extra vote and assuring him that she will give the vote back after they both survive tribal council. Again. For the second episode in a row. Oh and once she had it in her pocket, she decided that maybe she should blindside him again since she now has ownership of it, per her interpretation of the rules. Which for the record, didn’t work for Cirie.

At tribal council Genie spoke about how tired and disappointed she is to be back at tribal council while Ricard spoke about how it gets harder and harder to vote someone out each week. Shan agreed, complete with fart jokes, while JD admitted that watching on at home is far easier, given you have all the information that the castaways on the island don’t. Genie brought up being blindsided by the Brad vote and how it makes her feel uneasy, given the tribe clearly doesn’t trust her. Ricard tried to play it cool with Genie admitting that she was planning to play her shot in the dark before JD cautioned her to not do something stupid that could screw over a potential ally.

Ricard admitted that he has had his name written down – hey Genie – while Shan spoke about how they need to play hard if they don’t want to be among the 17 losers of the season. JD spoke about how his plans before the game started were completely different to how he has played and he still has a lot he wants to achieve. While poor Genie started to cry, heartbroken about her dreams coming to an end. With that the tribe voted and while Genie elected to not play her shot in the dark, it proved to be the right move as Shan and Ricard joined her to blindside poor JD from the game.

Obviously young JD was heartbroken as her arrived in Loser Lodge, but I quickly pulled him in for a hug and reminded him, superfan to superfan, that the game is hard and while he didn’t win he should still be proud of himself. From finding advantages to making big moves, he tried and while not everything worked out, he was an entertaining presence. And when that didn’t make him feel better, I got to work perking him up with tales of Malcolm, Woo and Ozzy. Which was enough to perk him up enough to toast a game well played with my Jairusty Nail Robinson.

While a rusty nail is a simple drink, it is the simplicity that makes it so damn good. Earthy, rich and warming, this little number is perfect for a quiet night of reflection. Shit, that was oddly deep, right? Or am I just that vapid that I think that is deep? Who cares, I guess.


Jairusty Nail Robinson
Serves: 1.

60ml Scotch whiskey
1 tbsp drambuie

Pour the Scotch and drambuie into an old fashioned glass.

Top with ice. Stir. Down.

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