Genie Morrobin-Chen Flatbreads

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Previously on Survivor Tiffany continued her challenge prowess, leading her team to victory – well second – in the first reward challenge of the season. After Yase split their single fish reward – yes, single fish – they were energised enough to continue avoiding tribal council. Sadly with their victory streak comes a new batch of losers and despite Luvu trying to throw the immunity challenge, Ua returned to tribal council where against all odds, JD was booted after handing his extra vote over to Shan and Genie being their obvious target.

The next day the Ua trio celebrated making it to Day 10, with Genie thrilled that they were the last three standing and now was feeling very solid in her alliance. Genie offered to go hunting for water and the Beware Idol for the tribe, which she quickly found before returning to camp to share the information with the others so they could decide what to do with it as a group. Which, is just a horrible idea but ugh, Genie is the sweetest. As the trio returned to the idol, Shan suggested they leave the idol where it is and wait until they know Luvu have found theirs so none of them lose their votes. Which was all a great plow, as she then obviously went straight back to the scene of the crime with Ricard, agreeing to open the idol and snatch it for themselves without Genie knowing. Thankfully, this made Ricard nervous about her growing power and as such requested Shan’s extra vote for safe keeping, before coming up with the cover story for Genie being that they will save the phrase to see if Luvu has managed to jag their idol.

Speaking of Luvu, Sydney was living her best life catching a tonne of fish and ultimately being a boss provider. Sadly for her, the Luvu men noticed that the men are quickly disappearing this season and as such, they need to throw the challenge to get rid of one of their women. Which was all well and good, except Naseer thought it was an absolutely horrible idea. Though he was obviously willing, since it means they trust him and he can finally have some allies.

Evvie and Xander meanwhile were pledging their undying loyalty to each other over at Yase, though we quickly learnt that Evvie was just playing her to keep him from pulling off any big moves. Sadly for them, Tiffany felt like Evvie was trying to play both sides and was wanting to keep her options open. So with that playing on her mind, Tiffany and Liana decided to go through Xander’s bag to learn all about his stash of advantages. Poor Xander then decided to open up to Tiffany, while she straight up rolled her eyes at the prospect of working with him. Which for the record is slim to none, given she caught him out in multiple lies.

The tribes joined up with my love Probst for the latest immunity challenge where Ricard and Shan set themselves and Xander up to activate their idols and just before being crushed, Naseer uttered his phrase before we were treated to a flashback to earlier in the morning when he found the Luvu idol on their beach. And just like that, thankfully, the idols were powered and everyone was once again eligible to vote.

But back to the immunity challenge, where the tribes would have to run up and over a net ramp, release a key to grab a machete, use the machete to release sandbags which they will use to knock over two targets. First two tribes to finish getting immunity and a tarp, obviously for the runner-up the tarp is the size of a towel. Luvu obviously got out to an early lead while Ua nipped at their heels. All three tribes caught up when it came to shooting their bags at the targets, with Yase quickly leapfrogging both tribes to snatch the first immunity, before Luvu narrowly took out victory and kept their streak alive. And sending poor Ua back to yet another tribal council.

As part of their victory, Yase were able to select two people to send on a journey, opting to send Shan from the losers and their very own Liana. With that, the duo headed off to journey island where they spilled all the deets about the relevant advantages on their tribes, pledging their undying loyalty to each other and forming a truly sweet bond. We then learnt about Shan’s upbringing in the foster system before she found God and turned her life around, including reconnecting with her birth mother. After their heavy bonding moment and copious tears, they learnt about their upcoming choice with Shan straight up assuring her that she will not risk her vote and hand the advantage to Liana.

And oh, what a damn advantage she won! Back at camp, she headed to treemail and learnt that she would be able to ask one person for an idol or an advantage and should they have it, they must immediately hand it over to her.

Back at Ua things were far more dejected as Ricard and Genie were talking about the upcoming tribal council, as Ricard tried to paint a target on Shan’s back so that Genie will direct her vote there while he and Shan work together to get rid of my love Genie. Obviously she agreed it was a great idea – because there is nothing else to do on a tribe of three – and that they would be able to keep their closeness stealth when they merged. Though honestly, both of them were totally planning to work with Shan.

Shan made her return to camp and after filling them in on her journey, they all agreed to have time to plead their cases. Genie and Shan were up first, with Genie sharing everything that Ricard pitched to her and pledged her undying loyalty to Shan. The knowledge of Ricard’s pitch made Shan nervous, so approached him to ask for the extra vote back as a guarantee that he won’t turn on her. This obviously frustrated Ricard, given that he told her to do the exact same thing to JD but a week ago, who ultimately refused to give it back until he survives the tribal council. Which is both smart AND iconic. Despite pissing off Shan.

At tribal council Genie spoke about using the time while Shan was on her journey to try and flip Ricard to her side, before pivoting and reiterating her reputation as a loyal player. Ricard praised himself for coming up with all of the plans during the pre-merge phase, though was unsure whether it was best for his game to align with the person that figures out how to execute the plans in Shan or to go with the honest, loyal person he can depend on in Genie. Shan meanwhile was just stressed about being away from camp, though was glad that they were all open to pitching their plans to each other when she returned.

Genie rightly pointed out that Shan is in the power position, which she downplayed and questioned who any of them can actually trust. Ricard tried to get her to remember that they have been working together all season, which Shan pointed out would also be a great pitch if they are not together anymore. Probst pointed out that should the jury not start tonight, there is no consequence in their decisions with Ricard then pointing out that more importantly, those that survive will have a massive target come merge, though have days and days more game behind them which should take them far.

Ricard admitted that he is nervous of the vote ahead, Shan tried to deter people from playing their Shot In The Dark, pointing it out as too early for something so risky. Particularly when two votes are enough to end someone’s game tonight. With that the tribe voted, everyone held off playing their advantages and poor Genie was tragically blindsided from the game.

Given she is an absolute delight, she quickly pulled me into her arms and thanked me for being there for her. You see, Genie and I met about a decade ago when I was trying to do a modern On The Road. When I stopped in on her grocery store in Portland I tried to steal three carts’ worth of food and instead of calling the cops on me, she calmly explained I was making a horrible choice and took me under her wing to do better. When we got home, I made her a delightful batch of Genie Morrobin-Chen Flatbreads as thanks and as such, I knew they were the only way to mark her game.

Part pizza, part open toastie, these flatbreads are near perfection. The spicy meat, creamy feta and sweet pomegranate work together to form a delightful, quick and easy meal.


Genie Morrobin-Chen Flatbreads
Serves: 4.

1 tbsp olive oil
½ butternut pumpkin, diced
1 tsp ground cumin
¼ tsp cinnamon
500g lamb mince
2 tbsp Moroccan seasoning
2 tsp chilli flakes
1 cup mozzarella
200g Danish feta, crumbled
8 Michael Flatley Bread
1-2 pomegranates worth of arils
1 cup natural yoghurt
2 tbsp Harissa Oleynik
small handful of mint leaves, roughly chopped

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Combine half the olive oil, pumpkin, cumin and cinnamon in a bowl before placing on a lined baking sheet and cooking for twenty minutes, or until golden and crisp.

Meanwhile, heat the remaining olive oil in a frying pan and brown the mince over medium heat for a couple of minutes, breaking up with a wooden spoon as you go. Add the Moroccan seasoning and chilli flakes and cook for a further five minutes, or until cooked through.

To assemble, sprinkle mozzarella on the base of each flatbread. Top with the mince, pumpkin and feta and transfer to the oven to bake for 20 minutes, or until cooked through and crisp.

While the flatbreads are in the oven, combine the yoghurt and harissa.

To serve, smack some arils on top of each flatbread, followed by the harissa yoghurt and mint before devouring.

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