Guess who’s back?

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

We’re baaa-aaaack! We hope you had a lovely holiday period and were able to enjoy some down time…because we didn’t.

With the resounding success of the documentation of our catch-ups (aka the blog…that you are currently reading), we spent the break fielding calls from our celebrity friends (and hangers-on from the D-List) and hosting date after date.

Yes, we love it and enjoy seeing our friends but sometimes you just want to eat two kilos of cookie dough and take a nap in front of the fridge in your underwear, you know?

Anyway with such a volume of friends wanting to catch-up, we were forced to initiate a ranking system to deem who was more important to see. As such, obviously, Lil’ Bow Wow was the top of our list.

We’ve known Lil’ Bow Wow since he was even lil’er. You see, I was cast as Jonathan Lipnicki’s stunt double in Jerry Maguire for the airport scene; one thing led to another and I was escorted off the set for a brawl that Lipnicki started.

After recovering from the altercation, Annelie (she was Tom’s stunt double) and I set about enacting our revenge on Jonathan and stalked the set of Like Mike where we met and befriended Lil’ over our mutual hatred for Lipdicki and a burning desire to bring him down.

Nothing bonds three people like a revenge plot and nothing bonds three people for life like a failed revenge plot.

What says we will get him eventually, Lil’?

Picture source: Unknown.

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