Putting out the fire

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

We used to be very close friends with Alicia Keys, having guest starred as Rudy’s friends in The Cosby Show episode “Slumber Party”.

And no, not that type of slumber party. There were no pills.

I played the groundbreaking role of Rudy’s transgender friend, while Annelie her sassy side-kick and Alicia the brains of the outfit. We forged a bond instantly on set and assumed that we would collaborate forever.

Cut to 25 years later and she dumped us in favour of Jay-Z on Empire State of Mind and we thought we would never forgive her for attempting to ruin our chance at EGOT glory.

Time heals old wounds though and we have decided to take a chance on trusting again and allowing her to be our Girlfriend.

I mean, we will probably win a Grammy soon anyway.

Picture source: Unknown.

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