One hot CHiP(s)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

We’ve really got to hand it to Fran Drescher, she may have reunited us with the (once) dastardly Charles Shaucuntessy, she also brought us together with a number of our closest friends.

We first met Erik Estrada when he was filming a guest stint in the second season of The Nanny. Grace had numerous stunts in the episode, so we spent a large amount of time on set with Henny-Penny (he allows his close friends to call him by his real name Henry or romantic variations thereof) where we heard how tight his clothes were in CHiPs.

Obviously wanting to ogle those buns at their highest point, literally and figuratively, we jumped straight in the time-machine and went back to befriend him in his heyday (and caused his first divorce).

And what a day it was …

What says thanks for the memories, our beautiful friendship and can we have your son’s number?

Picture source: Unknown.

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