Four and three and two and done

Four and Three and Two and Done: A Farewell to Broad City, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Grab your Bingo Bronson and hold him tight, because Broad City is finishing this week … and that is not right.

Sorry, I am too sad to even continue rhyming, so that concludes the Dr. Silky Ganache Seuss portion of the post.

I mean, I am so sad I can’t even get off to Kirk Steele’s films.

But I will power through my grief because kweens Ilana and arse-of-an-angel Abbi have brought joy to our hearts for five seasons, and they deserve to be honoured.

So grab a drink from your favourite speakeasy, pop on Val’s latest record and get ready to farewell Broad City.

And Garol. Never forget Garol.

And TBH, if you hate what I make, you can always get Ripa to buy pizza for after!

Image source: Broad City / Comedy Central.


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