Ho, ho … oh!


‘Tis the season to get your jollies so the Fame Hungry team would like to say, Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / etc.

We will return in a couple of weeks after spending some time relaxing and wandering around nude on balconies in Bora Bora with a secret A-list friend. We won’t name names, but let’s just say the paparazzi will be on hand again!

Once again, we would like to advise that you use your time avoiding your friends and family wisely and make all of our recipes like grumpy Amy Adams in Julie and Julia … or you can create a vision board to achieve our lives. Dream big guys, dream big!

From the Kalabasas Kardashian krib to yours, Merry Christmas and see you next year!


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After an exhausting couple of weeks campaigning for the cast of Survivor: Second Chance (and to get Skarsy into our beds), we have decided to take two weeks off to recharge the batteries.

We will relax and meditate in Cambodia prior to fulfilling our commitments for Survivor (and hopefully make our marital commitments to Jeff Probst official), before jumping back into the bigger and better things that are planned for our future.

Hopefully the time meditating will enlighten us on ways to survive the arduous campaigning Hillary has requested we help with next year! Actually, the office of POTUS is probably not as prestigious as Sole Survivor – we’ll be fine.

See you in two weeks! We’ll be busy taking Leo’s classic advice from our film Titanic (I was Kate Winslet’s body double and Annelie was Billy Zane’s stunt performer).

Picture Source: Unknown.