Goodnight … moon

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

To the general public, Christopher Walken is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma but to his dear friends he is loving, warm and so darn positive and joyous.

We last saw Chris in November, when we dropped by the set to support him during his turn in Peter Pan Live! After it took Allison Williams six hours just to get the kids out of the bedroom and over to Neverland, we opted to leave before he even appeared on screen.

While he was disappointed to not have his closest friends there until the end, he knew that our make-up date would be worth it. Plus, he completely understood us wanting to avoid Brian Williams with his half-truths and made up stories.

I mean, the gall of some people!

Chris said he would be in town this week and wanted to have our make-up celebration. What says sorry you had to suffer through that show with the worst one from Girls … while also honouring our forty-year friendship?

Picture source: Unknown.

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