The 12th Annual Easter Meggstravaganza: When Meggy met Eggy

12th Annual Easter Meggstravaganza, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Despite another year of our egg based return-to-fame ritual, poor Meggy Ryan wasn’t able to make the triumphant return to the A-list that she so deserved.

As you now know, Annelie and I have been catching up with Megs each Easter for the past decade to bring new life into her shockingly, unfairly stalled career.

While you could argue that a co-starring role with Kiernan Shipka on an ABC Family TV movie is a huge boost to her career, it didn’t set her career alight quite like we had hoped. With Annelie still struggling with cage-fighting induced amnesia, I am assembling the usual classification of friends together to try and finally nudge her back into the stratosphere.

Who will be the struggling musician,  successful TV star,  shockingly-still-living legend and, of course, the hero that I join together with Meg and a dick-load of peyote? To be continued, as the say …

Welcome to The 12th Annual Easter Meggstravaganza! The twelfth time’s the charm, isn’t it?

Picture source: Screenshot from The Lion King.


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