Oscar Gold MMXVII: Gold with the Wind

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Oscar Gold, Oscar Gold MMXVII: Gold with the Wind

Can you believe that the most wonderful day of the year – outside of Treat. Yo. Self. Day – is almost upon us again?

It feels like only yesterday that my girl Brie was taking the stage to win Best Actress … and this year it looks like another of my dear girlfriends, Em Stone, will take out the prize.

Unless of course I curse her like I did Beyonce at the Grammys – soz Bey!

Off topic but listen up ladies, if you want a shot at winning next year’s Best Actress award you better hope you’re my friend and have displayed our relationship on the blog.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be sharing Oscar Gold with you for a third year in a row. I am so excited, it is only the A++ list this year and you are going to be so Gold with the Wind!

Image source: Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


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