Everywhere you look

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

So turns out my scheme with Annette Bening to ruin the Oscars worked … sadly it was at the expense of two movies I loved and not Hacksaw Ridge and Fences: The Filming of a Play with Zero Adaptation.

The poor creators of La La Land, a beautiful nostalgic romp with heart, were in the throes of ecstasy when the discovered that it was all a lie and poor Moonlight, a spectacular movie that makes this almost-30-year-old feel like he sees an honest part of his (far less privileged) experience, didn’t get to experience the true joy of winning Best Picture.

But that is what happens when you join your plot to undermine PWC with Bening’s revenge scheme. To all parties, I am sorry.

Anyway, I’m trying to lay low for the next few days – lest I want to get deported from America again – so I got Leo to drop me at the closest bus station and hot tailed it away from the A-list and down to the mid-tier of my dear friend and star of the Teen Choice Award winning Fuller House, Jodie Sweetin.

What says thanks for helping me lay low?

Way low.

Until this brouhaha blows over.

Image source: Unknown.


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