Who’s going to Cloncurry the most favour?

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It feels like forever since we’ve had the glorious guns of my dear Jonathan LaPaglia on our screens, doesn’t it? Thankfully the painfully long, briefly Osher-replaced absence is over as the latest battle royale of Australian Survivor returns in mere hours.

And oh yes, you better believe that like Big Kev before me, I’m excited!

This year we’re trading out Champions for Brawn and Contenders with Brains, to find out who will reign supreme. And more importantly, we’ll soon find out which ripped, straight guy will win me over despite my usual tastes – aka powerful, sassy icons like Shonee, Fenella, Shane, Sandra, Tina, Cirie, Pia, JaQueen et al – all because of a little nudie run?

(Hey, it worked for Chappies on Survivor South Africa but a few weeks ago and it will work again).

Thankfully despite the myriad of restrictions, I was once again able to lounge around the bush with JLP awaiting the cast to exit the game one-by-one, with only the comfort one of my meals can provide.

Who will be joining me tomorrow as they join the First Boot Club? You know the drill, head to 10 to watch the show and then check back tomorrow for all the glorious deets.

Image source: 10.

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