Love. Will love keep them together?

Australian Survivor, Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

TBH, I don’t think it will but like 10, I live for a dramatic musical cue so just let me roll with this, ok?

But why don’t I think love will keep the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water castaways together? Because when it comes to tribal – or is that tribunal, Chrissy? – council, everyone will be thinking of voting out anyone, babe. Whenever!

None more so than Queen, icon, LEGEND – Sandra Diaz-Twine who is once again going for the triple crown. This time more than willing to boot her own daughter to snatch the win. Because again, she is a Queen.

Side note: could you imagine if Probst was here for the inevitable ShE voTEd OuT hEr DaugHTEr!?

Will Sandra or one of the other former players take out the win? Iconic flame-outs Sam and Andy seem primed to implement what they learned from their first season while Sam’s husband Mark seems like he will be just as kind and strong as last time. Now, with official DILF status.

Or maybe it will be one of the newbies that will join Kristie, Jericho, Shane, Pia, David and Hayley in the winner’s circle? (Ideally, King Khanh).

Well, either way, you’ll just have to wait and see – I feel we’re in for a bumpy ride! And as always, I’ll be loitering around to provide the castaways culinary comfort after their torch has been snuffed! Who will join me first? Check back tomorrow!

📷: Channel 10.

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