Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour!

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Bonne nouvelle, mes amis – I have a base level knowledge of the French language and as per my agreement with Mama Ru, I am going (have) to use it to celebrate Drag Race France!

So get ready for another season of hybrid language recap-ery – do we call in Frenlish? – and buffoonery. Ideally with less riggery, you hear me Nicky?

Will the French girls serve all the fashion (I mean, Jean Paul Gaultier is judging the first episode, so I hope)? Will they give us moments as iconic as the Eiffel Tower herself? And more importantly, will they be able to paint like they were done by Leo in Titanic?

Geddit? You get it right, I didn’t need to add this!

Or – sacre bleu! – will they fall on their faces like Carrie in Dior? Dans les mots de mon professeur de français de deuxième année, soyons fous! Et dans les mots de Ru, soyons écœurants!

Qui sera le premier à partir?

Image source: Slash.

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