Spill the mount-tea

Canada's Drag Race 3, Canada’s Drag Race, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Take a deep breath, fellow queers, because we’re about to hit peak Drag Race season. I mean, but four score and seven years ago, we would have one season a year and a ten month off season. Now? Oh baby, there is no off season.

And. I. Love. It.

And while that isn’t the night the lights went out in Georgia – that lip sync, right? – it is the very long winded way of saying that once again we’re going (true) north (strong and fierce) with Brooke and Co. for another round of Canada’s Drag Race.

Whoever joins Priyanka and Icesis in the winner’s circle, we can rest easy knowing that this season will likely go down as having the best collection of stereotypical drag names in the history of the universe. And sometimes that is enough.

Who will take out the crown? Well, I’m hoping for Irma Gerd. As she has far and away the best bloody name. And for the unlucky first boot, check back next week for the culinary comfort.

Image source: Crave.

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