Alright babes?

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While another transition of power has taken most of the press this week, Broom and Miselle are jumping back across the pond like Meg and Haz to add to their rival royal dynasty. And you just know, I’ve got big Big Kev energy going.

Aka, yes, I’m excited.

Despite my disappointment that Ella and her meek-ro-wah-vay didn’t get their rightful crown, I was once again willing to drop by and support the dolls. Particularly since if they win four challenges, they don’t get the win and frankly, I’m not laughin’ about it.

Once again, I ventured across (the very large from Australia) pond to help dull the doll’s pain after they’ve been booted from the competition and had their spirits and/or dreams crushed by way of a mid-to-low-quality meal. But, like, made with love. Which counts.

Who will be the first to drop by (disappointed after becoming the Porkchop of their season)? Check back next week for all the deets.

📷: BBC.

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