So much could Kaôh Rōng

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Survivor: Kaôh Rōng

I can’t exactly remember if I have already let you know … so if I didn’t, I have a very exciting announcement to make – I will once again be werking Ponderosa during filming of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng!

Jiffy-Pop was super (idol) thrilled about the success of our first season acting as on-the-ground, unpaid reporters during Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance so invited me to whip out the time-machine to go back and do it all again.

Join me after the episode each week (Thursday/Friday/Saturday, dependent on you time-zone and my schedule) where I catch-up with my friends over their signature dish, just after their unceremonious boots and discuss what, other than my meddling, led to their downfalls.

So buckle in, this is going to be a bumpy ride!

Picture source: CBS.


As you can probably tell, we are very social but the fun isn’t only limited to celebrities! You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.

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