You’re my guiding star

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Stone the flamin’ crows and get lil VJ on the blower, my dear friend Ada Nicodemou is dropping by!

With all of the Australiana action thanks to Australian Survivor – which thanks to the non-elimination episode gave me the night off from cooking – I’ve been feeling quite patriotic so wanted to get in touch with one of my closest friends, national treasure and Gold Logie winner in 2023.

We first met in the mid-90s while working on Heartbreak High – and by working, I was stalking Alex Dimitriades. Needing a way to get closer to the set without spooking him, I needed to befriend a cast member and Ada seemed as good as any. I mean, we’ve been friends ever since so I clearly made the right choice.

What says thanks for unwittingly helping me get closer to Al all those years ago, be he at home or away?

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