Dark and Stormphanie Prince

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Previously on Canada’s Drag Race the dolls starred in the original rusical, Under the Big Top. And damn, let’s just say that the queens put the great in the great north. Pythia, Synthia and Gia slayed from start to finish, while Icesis got trapped in her head and poor Oceane was a couple of steps behind. Ultimately it was Pythia that rose to the top while last week’s winner Icesis landed in the bottom, though did manage to save herself as sweet Océane exited the competition.

Backstage the dolls were heartbroken to lose such an iconic queen, until they realised she wrote a full-blown farewell letter as her mirror message while her dear friend Icesis focused on the fact she just slayed the lip sync. While everyone else meanwhile felt nervous that Icesis now proved you can go from top to bottom in the blink of an eye and as such, they need to stay on their games. The queens congratulated Pythia for her killer win before Beth once again started to sob, heartbroken to still be in the competition when someone as iconic as Océane went home. Though she did apologise for cussing out Kendall, so all’s well that ends well. Maybe.

The next day Pythia’s head looked over the dolls like a (no shade) more polished Ornacia as Ru delivered a cryptic message referencing horror movies. Which Amanda quickly explained was because this week they will be tasked with over-acting in the horror movie, Screech! And as the last victor, Pythia was given the job of casting the roles.

As Amanda fled, the dolls sat down to read through the script with Beth quickly identifying the role that she wanted before they even digested the first page. Beth quickly shut down Stephanie when she suggested that she would also like the narrator role. Icesis won rock, paper, scissors to get the butch role, Suki was thrilled to be playing horny, Kendall was Brooke, Adriana was Brad, Synthia was Amanda and well, the rest weren’t as simple to identify. So sorry!

The dolls split up to read their lines with Stephanie admitting that she routinely sees ghosts while suffering sleep paralysis. Which is a sentence which will now haunt my dreams and make me share the experience, no doubt! Synthia meanwhile was stressed about getting a role that she didn’t relate to and was worried about how she will pull it off, while Adriana was ready to slay, despite not exactly getting what the word ‘ominous’ means. Kimora meanwhile was thrilled to play the nerdy screamer and then she and Icesis moaned, which was both terrifying and erotic. 

Everyone started to get in drag to film with Kendall sharing that Halloween was her first experience in drag and also is her sobriety date and as such, this is a meaningful challenge for her. She opened up about how hard she has fought to stay sober and ugh, I love how vulnerable and zaddy she is.

Amanda was joined by Fefe Dobson to direct the girls’ movie with Stephanie at an 11 at all times – and eating her hair – leading to Amanda requesting that she take a cheeky step back. Suki meanwhile was encouraged to go as horny as possible before Eve was praised for finally letting go and having fun in the challenge. Icesis lived for her butch drag, Kendall was hilarious as she read Brooke while Synthia was struggling with all the Handmaid’s Tale references of her character and damn, it was hard to watch because I love her so damn much.

Elimination Day arrived with Eve ready to take out her first victory while Synthia was terrified and mentally preparing to be in the bottom. Despite the fact Stephanie thought she was being genuine with her self praise, bless. The dolls started to prepare for the runway with Eve sharing that her father doesn’t know that she does drag and isn’t aware of the show, despite trying to bond more over the last few years. Gia shared that she was scared for her father to see her in drag until he turned up at a club one night and cheered her on, in the kind of heartwarming story I love on Drag Race.

And then poor Adriana shared the most fucked up story where her father’s side of the family was so homophobic that her father straight up catfished her first boyfriend to ruin the relationship. Fucked. Up. Jerk.

On the Good Girl Gone Bad Runway, Suki went from saint to sinner in the best way possible. Eve was a greyed out Marilyn, Stephanie was the sluttiest Dorothy Gale, Synthia was a green and black delight, Gia was a bacteria riddled glamazon, Pythia was a gorgeously possessed nun, Kimora gave us Papal Realness in a pageant circa Ancient Rome. Kendall too went from nun to devil in a far sexier reveal while Adriana was a stunning Marie Antoinette prior to the guillotine while Icesis was a sexy, yellow bunny.

When it came to the movie, Eve truly did slay the performance as the narrator. Icesis was hilarious as a dude bro, Kimora was delightfully nerdy while Stephanie was tragically one note. Gia played bimbo to perfection while Adriana was demented perfection as Brad. Though sadly, Synthia truly did struggle as A-martha, aka Amanda while Pythia was a demented Fairusa Balk. The long lost drag daughter of the slutty Suki. Oh but most importantly – spoiler alert – Jimbo was the killer and Stephanie – gay gasp – the only survivor.

Which was ironic, because Kimora, Icesis, Pythia and Suki were the ones sent to safety before the judges heaped praise on Eve, with them particularly proud of her finally shining. Stephanie was read for being one note, despite being great in that one note. They did love her runway, though. Synthia was read for being bland while Gia was praised for being so open to feedback and giving a delightfully camp runway. Despite her epic speech about her bravery for asking questions. Kendall was read for not taking the role far enough and preferring to improv her lines, despite the judges liking her look. Adriana meanwhile received universal praise for everything she did in the challenge and for serving a perfect look on the runway. 

Backstage the dolls identified Eve as one of the tops before she and the rest of the dolls returned from the mainstage. Eve was proud to not cry while Stephanie shocked them with the fact she will clearly be in the bottom. Kendall shared that she was also in the bottom, disappointed that she let herself down and may be lip syncing against her dear friend Synthia. Aka the other bottom. Eve felt Gia got more praise than her, while Adriana shared that her look was positively beloved. Stephanie meanwhile started to break down and while I get it, I wish she was prepping for the lip sync because I need her to fight.

Ultimately Gia was sent to safety, handing Adriana her first victory of the season. After Eve joined the rest of the safe girls, Kendall narrowly avoided the bottom, leaving Synthia and Stephanie to battle it out for safety. And girl, it was murder on the dance floor from the very frist bars of Fefe Dobson’s Ghost. Synthia came out of the gate ready to save herself, hitting every damn lyric and all the emotions while Stephanie gave sexy, camp and comedy. While I was thrilled to see my dear Synthia survive, I was heartbroken that it came at the cost of my love, Stephanie Prince.

As she joined me in the Werk Room, I quickly pulled Stephanie in for a hug and told her how proud of her I was. While she only lasted three episodes, Stephanie’s charm and talent shined bright, and well, I am going to miss her. After processing all that emotion, we laughed, cried and then settled in for a delightful Dark and Stormphanie Prince each.

You know me, if it’s gots alcohol, I’ve gots to have it. But this one is pretty damn sweet to boot. I mean, sure, it is simple but how can you go past a dark and stormy? You just can’t!


Dark and Stormphanie Prince
Serves: 1.

30ml dark rum
1 cup ginger beer
a lime wedge

Place ice in a highball glass and pour over the rum.

Top with ginger beer and squeeze in the lime wedge.

Down. Repeat.

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