Drop the four a little bit more

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After more than a year wallowing in the off-season, Survivor made its triumphant return last year complete with a few little nips and tucks as it entered its 40s (but you know, drop that 4)!

Less days meant less rewards, creating a brutal environment as the castaways were forced to utter nonsense phrases, risk their votes, steal advantages or my personal favourite, theatrically smash a clock with a hammer to go full Cher-cuterie and turn back time.

And well, Jeffy Pop loved it so much, they’re doing it all again for 42 (or again, two, depending on whether Jeff wants us to drop the four again)!

Who will follow in Erika’s footsteps and book their eligibility for Winners at War two? Check back next week for the first batch of culinary comfort!

Image source: CBS.

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